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We Voted! We Won!

Congratulations to our Roanoke City Democratic Winners!

I think we can all agree we have experienced a unique campaign season amid a pandemic and consequential national election. Our candidates and committee volunteers had to navigate new ways of campaigning, GOTV and communicating with voters. I am proud to say we persisted, we adapted and we won!

On behalf of the Roanoke City Democratic Committee, I extend out heartfelt congratulations to Mayor Sherman Lea, Sr. who was re-elected to a second four-year term, to Trish White-Boyd who handily won the most votes and will now serve as our next Vice Mayor and to Robert Jeffrey, Jr. winning the second most votes in the City Council race and will be serving his first four-year term on Council. This team will continue to move Roanoke forward and represent Democratic values in crucial decision making.

We also thank Peter Volosin who ran a strong and inspired campaign. Even though he did not capture enough votes for a seat on City Council, we know that he will continue his work as a community leader; his voice and advocacy have and will continue to move Roanoke forward.

Roanoke City will certify election results in the coming days. For more election results for the State of Virginia, click here. For ongoing results from the federal races and the Presidential race, click here.

Forward and Onward Roanoke! Keep your sleeves rolled up, we have much good work to do and more victories to win.

Beth Deel

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