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Get Involved

“As a Democrat, I want to use my energy toward efforts that restore trust among the people.

That can only be accomplished by pushing radical change.”
~ Sam Rasoul

Change happens from the grassroots up! If you are looking to make a difference and support the democratic platform, we could use your help. Did you know that elections are happening all the time?  We need good folks like you to support our candidates and hold our government to democratic values.

These are some things you can do to help:

1) Join a subcommittee and provide advice and action
2) Meet your precinct captain and help greet your neighbors
3) Organize in an affiliate group or caucus and support causes you believe in
4) Participate in parades, festivals and sit-ins
5) Support candidates by phone banking, canvassing and fundraising
6) Run for office
7) Apply to sit on one of hundreds of boards in, locally and across the state​


Too busy to participate? You can always contribute by making a donation by check or online. 

Let's Make A Change

By check

Write your check out to:

Roanoke City Democratic Committee

and mail to:

P.O. Box 2516

Roanoke, Virginia 24011


Make a donation‏.

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