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1. The doors to the caucus shall open, and the check in process shall begin at 10 am on January 6, 2024.
2. The official clock shall be kept by the Chair.
3. The doors to the caucus room shall be closed promptly at 11 am. Persons standing in line to complete a Caucus Participation Form at the time the doors close will be allowed to complete their forms and participate in the caucus. The completed Caucus Participation Form, verified by the Credentials Committee, shall serve as the credential for participation in the caucus.
4. The Chair shall oversee the entire process and delegate responsibilities as they see fit. These responsibilities shall include checking in caucus participants, seating them, and serving as tellers for the contested elections.
5. The caucus will be called to order by the Chair. The current Chair will serve as the Chair of the caucus.
6. The Chair shall appoint a Secretary of the caucus.
7. The first order of business will be to adopt these rules as permanent. 
8. The Chair shall announce the total number of credentialed participants, and inform the participants of the elections to be held in order to elect members.
9. Pursuant to the Call to Caucus, once credentialed, participants will be seated according to their precinct of residence. Individuals wishing to be considered for precinct captain positions shall announce their intention, and participants within each precinct shall elect their precinct captain by filling out the ballot form at their table. If only one person declares that they wish to be precinct captain, that person shall be elected by acclamation.
10. Participants will be given a ballot form for the election of a precinct captain at their precinct table. The ballots shall be filled out by making a mark in the box next to the candidate of choice by each participant. 
11. Upon the tallying of votes, each precinct shall present their completed ballot to the Secretary, and the Chair shall announce the winners of the precinct captain elections. All other participants will be designated as Assistant Precinct Captains. Pursuant to RCDC bylaws, any person subsequently elected to a leadership position may be relieved of their role as Precinct Captain or Assistant Precinct Captain.
12. Upon the announcement of winners, the caucus shall be adjourned, and the new RCDC shall immediately convene for the officer elections.

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